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Company News About Bathroom Styling Guide
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Bathroom Styling Guide

Latest company news about Bathroom Styling Guide



Bathroom Styling Guide

The bathroom is often one of the most overlooked spaces when it comes to interior styling. However, with a bit of attention and creativity, this functional room can be transformed into a luxurious and relaxing retreat. discover some tips and tricks for advanced bathroom interior styling.

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How to Add Colour

One of the best ways to add colour to a bathroom is through the use of furniture and brassware. For example, a vibrant vanity unit can inject a pop of colour into an otherwise neutral space, while a coloured tap or showerhead is a great, subtle way to add interest to a plain white bathroom. When choosing colours, it is important to consider the overall theme of the room and ensure that the furniture and brassware complement each other.

Adding Depth and Character

Patterns are a great way to add depth and character to a bathroom. Whether it’s a bold geometric wallpaper, floral towels and bathmats, or Moroccan style tiles, patterns can transform a plain bathroom into a statement space. Go bold and include patterned furniture. When using patterns, it is important to balance them with plain or neutral elements to avoid overwhelming the room.

Harmonious Coordination

When choosing brassware for a bathroom, it is essential to coordinate all finishes for a cohesive look. This means that the taps, showerheads, towel rails, and other fittings should all match in terms of colour and finish. This creates a harmonious and polished look, rather than a disjointed and mismatched one.

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If you want to create a focal point in your bathroom, consider installing a statement centrepiece such as a freestanding bath or a vertical radiator. These features not only add style and character to the room, but also serve a practical purpose. For example, a freestanding bath can be a luxurious spot to soak after a long day, while modern vertical radiators can provide warmth and comfort efficiently.

Maximising Space

Finally, when it comes to maximising space in a bathroom, there are several strategies that can be employed. First, using light colours on the walls and floor can make a small bathroom feel more spacious and airier. Second, opting for wall hung furniture such as a vanity unit or storage cabinet can free up floor space and create a sense of openness. Lastly, incorporating plenty of storage options such as shelves, drawers, and baskets can help keep the bathroom clutter-free and organised. Our concealed cistern have the perfect solution for every bathroom size, such as wall hung toilet, squatting toilet, allowing you to really make the most of your valuable bathroom space.

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